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Buttons and Fashion Accessories

Lozio ® s.p.a. is a button manufacturer with the ability to interpret not only current demand but also customer requirements.


Lozio ® can guarantee a large stock of items ready for delivery for flash collections and semi programmed items.

During the year, it always happens that, between one collection and the next, it is necessary to insert further new items to sample fashion ranges. These new items mean it is necessary to have new types of button, with ultra-fast turnaround times. One of the reasons Lozio ® stands out from other companies in the industry, is its ability to meet this important requirement.

The difference between an entrepreneur and a manufacturer and seller is also seen in the ability to take risks. The longer and more significant the business experience, the lower the error margin when it comes to choices. Lozio ® invests in this direction every year, on the strengths of its lengthy history as a company, meaning that it is able to anticipate trends and demand and to have at its disposal a suitable stock of items to meet the needs of new inclusions and flash collections in real time.

Lozio ® can guarantee deliveries of sample buttons for new and sample collections with ultra-fast turnaround times.

One of the greatest problems facing a designer and also the whole system of the fashion industry when creating a new collection is the difficulty in finding a button manufacturer able to meet the needs for sample buttons with fast turnaround times for the creation of sample garment ranges and accessories.

Lozio ® has never considered this service to be a waste of time and all too aware of its real importance, has always been willing to satisfy this demand in full. Just a phone call is all it takes to receive a firm answer, courteous service and fast delivery.

This way of doing business has made Lozio ® a qualified supplier on global fashion and haute couture markets, not just as a manufacturer, but also as an expert and reliable consultant.

Our factory

Our current facility was opened in the early 1950s, but the Lozio ® family’s first button factory dates back to the late 1800s.

In the last few decades, button production technology has become much more refined. The button factory is now a place of creation: not just of buttons but also of the accessories needed by the fashion world.

When Battista Lozio set up his button factory, he brought with him the experience of many other button factories from the 19th and early 20th centuries; pioneering button manufacturers had already improved the concepts behind production with techniques that had developed over the years, using increasingly advanced technologies.

Today, the button factory is a place where fashions are created; as are ideas, which are born from the interpretation of changing habits and customs. And it is on the basis of these changes that Lozio ® has made its manufacturing choices. The history of the Lozio ® button factory is first and foremost the history of a passion that continues to be renewed.

The world of the button factory is based on research, craftsmanship and great attention to detail and to the countless materials, all meaning that the factory needs to be able to count on notable entrepreneurial skills.

Italian fashion, recognised the world over as one of the highest expressions of Made in Italy, also owes its success to accessories such as buttons, which have contributed to shaping the tastes, elegance and quality of myriad different garments.

"Button" in Italian youthspeak is synonymous with the start of a bond - a friendship, in the case of Lozio ® and its customers, who have always been at the centre of a company management intent on responding promptly to the continuing challenges of the marketplace.

Thanks to a wide range of samples, which are constantly updated, to technologically cutting-edge facilities that can guarantee fast handling of orders, and to excellent sales force coordination, Lozio ® has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of accessories to the fashion industry for over fifty years.

A careful and sensitive observer of new trends, the company has always created and proposed its own ranges of items taking into account the importance of aesthetics as well as of quality, with the aim of responding to growing market demand – including from the fast fashion sector - with excellence.

Commitment, passion, availability: all standards that have to be respected for a company that considers customer satisfaction to be the only way forward for continuing and genuine success.

Our target

Lozio ®’s target is the clothing industry, in the sense that according to the type of item, minimum volumes consist of 1,000, 2,000, or 5,000 pieces. Our typically industrial facility means that unfortunately, we are not able to serve home dressmakers or artisan tailors.

Contact us for dedicated samples to suit your needs

Our fashion items: horn, metal cover buttons, casein, polyester, metal snap fasteners, metal hooks and eyes, corozo, shell, metal buttons, metal press studs, metal jeans rivets, tag pins, manual and automatic riveting machines.


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